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Karamblaät La boîte à surprises


When mens put their hands on the machine.

Humans, with their unique intelligence, have created robots.
The word robot is from the russian language rabota (работа) what is from раб what means "Slave"
Today, people are slaves of robots, but it's not my fault.
With my programming skills , the most silly thing is a computer, it does just what I ask, so, don't worry, the computer's revolution isn't for tomorrow...

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A video game concept

Karamblaät, the color brain game.
I hope you will like it, (or not!).
Coy can play to it now for free, only on PC with a javascript compatible web browser. If this game is too hard, don't worry, like concept cars, it will not be sold but has the same basis of a future commercial game called "Karamblight" Karamblight will be a lot more fun and easy, a crowfounding campaign will begin soon...

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Open the surprise box!


Open the surprise box! And let's learn all the things you'll never want to know! If somebody call it philosophy, others peoples will say it's a lot of fortunes...

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