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Design Design
Design Design

☆ Le dessinateur ☆

Welcome to my showcase

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T.BAÄR is a Freelance corporation
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Art of picturing the mind

Welcome to my artistic creations section
From the portrait to the cartoon, french misheard lyrics and ever more, this exciting visit to that cyber museum will help you to pass a nice day.
Of course, with smile!

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When mens put their hands on the machine.

Humans, with their unique intelligence, have created robots.
The word robot is from the russian language rabota (работа) what is from раб what means "Slave"
Today, people are slaves of robots, but it's not my fault.
With my programming skills , the most silly thing is a computer, it does just what I ask, so, don't worry, the computer's revolution isn't for tomorrow...

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knowledge base

Food for brains...

Good news, I share my knowledge!
If you want to learn a lot more with my tutorials, you are in the good place.
Of course, with the smile!

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About me

Thibault Baldetti

My name is Thibault, you will get more info here.
You will find also my CV, how to contact me, my story, and why the name of T.BAÄR.
PS: The hairy Takifugu 河豚 , it's me!

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