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Art of picturing the mind

Welcome to my artistic creations section
From the portrait to the cartoon, french misheard lyrics and ever more, this exciting visit to that cyber museum will help you to pass a nice day.
Of course, with smile!

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Short films

The Baäkélite project

You can find here my home made short films.
I hope you will like, (or not!).
Please, contact me if you have some ideas, encouragements, a suggestion, your disgust (Wow, I hate your movie, it's ugly!)...
Have a lot of fun with my good B-grade cinema!

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Misheard lyrics

Vive la V.O.

Impress your friends while singing Japanese songs.
A funny and experimental method to learn and sing Japanese songs without the time of learning the language.
In French only

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Beyond Chaos

Comic project

Immerge yourself in a world not so fictional. Nobody can say what will happens tomorrow. Also, nobody knows the destination of the wind. Things what you have learned over the years from our ancestors are your most precious treasure, the rest isn't more than material. Especially, ring the bell about your teacher's lessons when you were at school, many years ago...

Graphics are old

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Portraits of people

Symphony of souls

You can find my personal achievements. I use the KDM method, Keep, Delete and Modify and use multiple layers. In the base photo(s), I keep the face, clothes are used for creating new ones, and I delete the background. I imagine you're in a hurry to see my portraits, don't wait!

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