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Vive la V.O.
I'm Sorry but not Sori

This part of the T.BAÄR website will never be available in English

My mother tongue is the French language, and the goal of this part of website is lo learn to sing some songs in others languages (like Japanese) without learning the basis of the other language.

However, translating this part of that website isn't possible because it's too hard to imagine the mind of people who doesn't have the same mother tongue of me.

The technique of singing what I teach is also experimental, so, you can take a bit of inspiration and maybe, reuse that technique in your contry and language.

If you want to take a look of that part of my website, click on the French flag.

Direct link for "Vive la V.O." (In French)

Voir en Français

Good to know: Sorry in Japanese doesn't mean what that means in English. Also written "Sori", that noble word means Prime Minister, you can take a look of the video on your right to get a bit of fun about that...

I'm Sorry

The Japanese Prime Minister parody videogame.

Sega Arcade, 1985.

Warning, very loud sound!