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Four friends...

A young girl student in biology, a technicien installer who is also a football player, a sport teacher, and an ex-soldier...

...in a carefree world.

A peaceful little village near of Loire river, in France.

The Terradia sect...

With his guru Master Two who says he's king of the world.

...under-estimated by international authorities.

With the ridiculous dressing and the idoiotic ideas of Terradians.

The village attacked

>Four hundreds of deads, the four friends are the only survivors.

Paris is beleaguered

Terradia wants the capitulation of the President

A coup

Despite the European Union army.

Fleeing and despairing are the master words...

Of our four friends who wants to survive

...what give them an idea to save the world...

They plans in secret a liberation movement.

...To overthrew Terradia.

Despite lots of wanted notices.

The whole story happens in a near future... very near! If this story happens in the real life, will have you enough courage to don't give up like them?

The hope is the best word for that situation...

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